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For a company that is active in oil and gas exploration, B-Three developed a smartphone application that greatly streamlined the processing of data gathered by personnel in the field.

The client firm has interests in more than 1,000 wells across the country. Personnel in the field monitor the well sites, identifying all necessary maintenance and entering that information on a work order.

Prior to this project, the work orders were paper forms. A supervisor updated the form when the work order was approved. The form was updated again when the maintenance tasks were actually performed, and once again when the completed work was inspected.

After the work at the well site had been completed, the work order form had to be processed through the accounting system, in order to apply the appropriate charge-back of maintenance costs to the well in question.

The client firm made the decision to replace the paper-based work order system, in order to achieve four important objectives:

  • Speed up the work order processing

  • Streamline some elements of the workflow

  • Standardize the data collected

  • Track each work order at every stage in the processing

To meet all of those requirements, B-Three developed a smartphone application to take the place of the paper-based system.


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