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B-Three Hosts Technical Emergency Training Course; Demos School Security App to First Responders

This past February, Plum Borough software innovators B-Three Solutions and B-Three Software hosted a tactical emergency training course at their shared facilities where they demoed their homegrown school security technology to first responders.

Taught by veteran-owned disaster response consultants, Rescue Taskforce, the course served as an opportunity to bring high-level tactical emergency casualty care training to the greater Pittsburgh region while also introducing B-Three Software’s school security application, Sight On Scene (SOS), to the workshop attendees.

SOS is a comprehensive school safety application that allows schools and districts to create and share interactive building maps, live security camera feeds, emergency preparedness plans, and more with first responders and school staff during an emergency. The technology gives police, fire, and EMS a detailed visual of the structure they will be entering before they even arrive on the scene and empowers school staff with the information they need to confidently respond and act, right from their mobile devices.

A portion of the training course involved a module dedicated to using Sight On Scene from the perspective of the first responders. Feedback from this event will be used to influence upcoming development in the app for the customization of tools that will cater to the unique needs of first responders during emergency situations.

To coordinate the training event, B-Three partnered with Rescue Taskforce Executive Director, Edwin Lard, to get the B-Three offices and warehouse certified as an official NAEMT training facility.

The training consisted of 16 hours of CAPCE credits for all attendees and included a combination of mock disaster response scenarios and hands-on exercises. 12 participants from varying first responder backgrounds attended, including EMTs, firefighters, and law enforcement officers.


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