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At B-Three, we pride ourselves on the wealth of services we offer to our clients. With experience serving in a variety of different sectors, we’re always striving to grow our developers’ capabilities by taking on new challenges and opportunities. 


B-Three boasts a team of programmers that are experienced in a variety of technologies, some of which include:

  • Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

  • Windows, Linux Client/Server, Web Applications, Web Portals, Business Intelligence Systems, Data Warehousing, Service Oriented Architecture, Data Warehousing, GIS, CAD

  • .NET, PHP, HTML, ASP, XML, PowerBuilder, Oracle Forms, WCF Web Services, WebAPI, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Dapper, SQL2O, Web Sockets, SocketIO, NodeJS

  • C#, Java, JavaScript, VB.Net, C, C++, PHP, XCode, Android SDK, React, React Native, Angular, Python, Typescript, Pearl, Shell Script


  • Content Management, Image Repositories, Data Management, SharePoint, Tomcat, IIS

  • Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Maven, Gradle, Cognos, iReport, Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Report Services, Active Reports, SSRS

The different professional services we currently offer to our clients are listed below. If your need isn’t included, please contact us to discuss additional possibilities.



Simply put: Custom software solutions are our "bread and butter." We specialize in both web and client-based custom software development. Our approach is simple and straightforward: We deliver software for a fixed fee, on a fixed timeline, and we guarantee our work with a one-year warranty. The price that we quote to the client is the full price for the work described in the proposal. Our price does not change unless additional work is added to the project. Come to us with a software idea or need and we'll tell you how we can turn your concept into a reality. 



Whether you want to modernize an existing software product by making it mobile, or you're interested in creating a mobile application from the ground up, we're ready to work with you. Our developers are versed in the most recent mobile development technologies, and we've created a variety of mobile products and integrated mobile/web solutions including kiosk applications, mobile workforce applications, mobile apps for custom devices, and more.



Do you have one or more business systems that you need to improve? Replacing them at this time may be unreasonable, especially if you have significant investments and competitive advantages tied into them. If you need to improve or integrate your business applications, it may be time for a business technology assessment. Our assessment service is a cost-effective process to develop a plan for phased improvements and/or eventual retirement of these systems. With our experience and skills in various technologies and industries, we can assist you in developing a plan on how to prioritize your business technology needs.



If you've had software projects go over time or budget constraints — or even fail — in the past, chances are the problems began upfront with inadequate software requirements planning. Determining the exact features and attributes of a proposed software system is a key success factor in controlling project scope, and therefore quality, schedule, and cost. With our SRE process, we use engineering principles to analyze your requirements and provide you with a complete Software Requirements Specification document to use as you move forward with your software development.



Many organizations and IT departments are overburdened by constantly changing technology projects using only the available, internal staff. To acquire strategic skills in a timely and cost-effective manner, we can augment your business technology staff and assist you in meeting your goals on time and within budget. We ​have staff available to assist your existing team with: 

  • Business Technology Assessments

  • Web Application Development

  • Business Process Analysis

  • Database Design and Management

  • Project Management

  • Legacy Systems Migration

  • Software Development

  • Software Design & Engineering

  • Technical Writing



Technology evolves at a rapid rate. Extending the useful life of software has proven to be cost-effective for many organizations. B-Three can evaluate your existing business software systems and determine how to adapt them to keep them functional, flexible, and current. 

  • New User Interface: Working with you, we can design, develop, and install a new user interface that will significantly extend the useful life of a sound application. The new interface can eliminate redundant data entry and greatly enhance data validation.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Another way to extend the useful life of a core application is to make it more adaptable to changing conditions. If the software can be readily adjusted to reflect changes in the data that must be tracked, then the application can continue to supply the necessary information to your organization. 

  • Mobile Capabilities: If your workforce is mobile but their core application is confined to desktops at the office, B–Three can streamline your workflow by adding sophisticated mobile capabilities to that core application.



In today’s information age, one of the key corporate assets is the intellectual property that has been stored in countless presentations, proposals, manuals, marketing brochures, and other business documents. Making sure that you and your employees can find this information in a timely manner has a direct impact on your bottom line. It is equally important that your data should be secured, version-controlled, backed up, and readily accessible to those who need the information. Stop spending time looking through filing cabinets or wondering where that last important spreadsheet was saved. B–Three can provide you with a secure, enterprise-capable document or content management solutions.



Is your IT staff overloaded with work? Do you have a project that has been sitting on the back burner? B–Three Solutions can assist you in achieving your corporate goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. We offer complete project outsourcing services. The B–Three team can provide a seasoned IT project manager capable of ensuring that your initiative will succeed. The project team can be made up of any combination of your internal resources and B–Three professionals. Project plans will concentrate on the ROI and business case of each design decision. Full knowledge transfer and user training will complete the project to guarantee that your resources are ready to maintain and administer the new system upon production rollout.



A data warehouse provides a company with a centralized data aggregation available for multiple purposes. This single source of data offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Eliminating repetitive and contradictory data.

  • Maintaining current and consistent data between the various analytical tools that the company may utilize.

  • Providing a single location from which reports and analytics can be run, ensuring that all employees are looking at common information. 

B-Three works with clients to identify the best, most cost-effective approach for managing their data and moving it into the selected warehousing option.

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