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A company that markets an assignment tracking package for providers of emergency services contracted with B-Three for the analysis of upgrading of its client-server software product to a cloud computing environment, with the corresponding code conversion from C++ to a .NET framework. The system leveraged the latest Silverlight technologies.

After thoroughly studying the existing application, B-Three worked out the appropriate architecture for the cloud-based system. In an analysis prepared for the client firm, B-Three highlighted the advantages, risks, and impacts of adopting the Silverlight framework.

The client firm decided to go forward with the conversion to a cloud-based system. Working under a fixed-fee contract, B-Three began the project by assembling a Design Specification that included an impact analysis and a detailed schedule for development and testing.

Upon acceptance of the Design Specification, a team of seven B-Three developers worked closely with client personnel to execute the project plan for the upgrade, with special attention to determining the tasks that would be performed by B-Three, as opposed to the development and testing tasks that would be performed by the client firm’s in-house developers.

Development and testing proceeded smoothly, and the client firm successfully rolled out its new cloud-based software package


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