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B-Three Solutions was selected by the United Steelworkers union to develop a responsive web application that would allow employees to track expenses related to travel and training and submit them to management for reimbursement.

The user-facing application was written in React Native and published to a PWA-responsive web application, Android Native App, and iOS Native App.

All 3 of these applications were built using one set of source code. The backend API that powered all these applications was developed using an ASP.NET Core 3.1 Web API.

The application was released to the USW Tony Mazzochi Center in late 2020, and has received great reviews from users. A representative from the client provided the following review of their experience working with B-Three Solutions:

“B-Three Solutions provided an excellent service when it came to building a new tracking system for our organization. When each phase of the project was complete, they would prepare a detailed overview of all of the accomplishments that were made during that phase. These discussions highlighted their attention to detail when it came to our needs. B-Three conducted themselves with complete professionalism when explaining new parts of the project and requesting feedback from our organization so that they could satisfy our needs completely. When an item needed updated or changed from the original plan, we were able to talk this through with B-Three and collaborate on a plan to resolve these issues. B-Three administered a friendly, professional and completely smooth experience, and we are thrilled to continue on ongoing relationship with them.”


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