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A global leader in the manufacturing of conveyor belts approached B-Three Solutions with a need to develop a mobile application that could streamline on-location product maintenance at plant sites.

B-Three used a React Native framework to develop an app that was cross compatible on both iOS and Android devices. The app allows maintenance technicians to enter pertinent product functionality data directly from the plant site to populate a detailed product maintenance report. This report highlights maintenance specifications unique to the individual conveyor belt being serviced, and guarantees the most efficient service plan for each machine.

Due to the remote location of certain service sites, the client wanted technicians to have access to the app regardless of available internet connection. As such, B-Three developed the program so that the content is updated regularly on each tech’s mobile device – ensuring that the information is available locally in the case of an internet outage.

In addition, the app also provides service technicians with access to available product inventory via a connection to the client’s ERP system, and a means to communicate internally with fellow technicians.


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