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A nationally-recognized millwork and manufacturing company contacted B-Three Solutions to develop a mobile bill-of-lading application that would assist with the unloading of supplies at worksites.

The client required an application that would allow employees and third-party product installers to digitally scan and account for items during the unloading process.

Using React Native, B-Three created an app that scans and compares the barcodes attached to inventory items as they are being offloaded from the truck at a job site. The app, which runs completely offline, allows the user to scan the barcode via either a Bluetooth scanner or the phone’s internal camera.

As each item is scanned, it is automatically compared to an excel data file to ensure that all inventory items are accounted for. Once the scanning is complete, the app generates an excel report that is attached to an email and sent from the job site back to client headquarters. The client recently received the product and is very enthusiastic about its performance. It is available in both the Google Play and App stores, and is compatible on both Android and iPhone devices.


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