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Due to a rapidly increasing volume of business, an engineering firm experienced a high growth rate within the organization. One side effect of such rapid growth is the need to get to know all the new faces around the office. To streamline that process, the firm asked B-Three Solutions to develop a new Employee Directory for them, using SharePoint.

For each employee, the Directory includes all the basic data – contact information, photograph, and some career highlights information. The Directory is sortable and searchable on any of the fields that it contains (first name, last name, office number/location, telephone number, e-mail address).

The Employee Directory is also linked to a graphical floor plan created in Microsoft Visio. This floor plan enables the firm to associate a Directory listing with the physical location where each employee sits.

When a user clicks on a given office or seat location, the system pops up the name and photo of the employee associated with that location, along with contact information, and links to optional data, such as the person’s resume.

B-Three worked closely with client personnel on the design of the Employee Directory, which was implemented through a new page on the firm’s intranet site. The new page contains an Employee Directory List (including floor plans in Visio), an Employee Photo Library, and the web parts necessary to display the graphical floor plan.

During the implementation process, B-Three provided assistance to client personnel in porting their existing employee data and AutoCAD floor plans into the new solution.

All employees have read access to the site, and a small group of Directory Administrators have editing rights on the directory list and photo library.


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