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Over a period of seven years, B-Three has executed several significant projects for a firm that markets the industry-leading supply chain inventory optimization system. On each project, our developers have conformed to the client’s established methodology, and worked in full compliance with their information security policies.

The most recent project focused on significant enhancements that would be incorporated into a major new release of their software package. When the client firm was ready to begin work on those upgrades, they contracted with B-Three for resources to supplement their in-house software development staff.

B-Three staffed the project with an experienced team of six developers, who worked full-time at the client site. Utilizing the Agile methodology, the members of the B-Three team developed and tested modules for the new software release.

Because of our work on previous projects, the B-Three developers brought an understanding of the firm’s software and coding practices to this new project. Our first project for this client produced a new product line of embedded Business Intelligence (BI) tools. This enabled the client firm to offer new analytical decision support tools to business analysts.

B-Three began by conducting a feasibility study, and then designed and developed BI modules to provide the client with a new vertical product. The key to the success of this BI project was for B-Three to gain the knowledge necessary to be able to develop modules in each of the eight BI systems being evaluated. This objective was accomplished by building BI prototypes in multiple environments, using many different OLAP systems. Then the final product was designed and developed, utilizing the most productive tool.

Following the success of this initial project, B-Three carried out a multi-phase code conversion that upgraded another of the client firm’s products.

In the course of completing these projects, B-Three met the defined objectives, and we also established a solid, long-term working relationship with the client firm.


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