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The integrity, intelligence, and commitment of our people are vital to B-Three’s mission.  We believe in the constant improvement and integration of methods to meet the specific needs of our clients.  Excellent client relationships drive the growth and success of both our company and our individual employees.

Because B-Three is dedicated to pushing the limits of excellence – creating a positive distinction between B-Three and its competitors – we encourage our employees to work creatively and demonstrate independent thinking to further their personal growth and meet the needs of the company and our clients.  B-Three is determined to provide the most nourishing environment attainable for all employees.  We intend to push ourselves in the most positive ways, striving to exceed our best.

We believe in service beyond expectation, achieved through a continuous effort to anticipate and fulfill evolving client needs.  We achieve long-term success by developing products and services, in addition to delivering outstanding performance for each of our clients.

the team


When a client selects B-Three, they’re selecting a core team of professionals with extensive experience in business processes, digital media development, and information technology. We give our clients access to our entire staff – they’re never tethered to a single resource. With an employee retention rate of 90% over the past decade, many of our employees have spent their entire careers at B-Three and were recruited through our college intern program.


Our team members offer a combination of technical expertise and real-world experience to help with your business process challenges. All of our personnel are based in Pittsburgh, and 100% of our software is developed right here.




Software development can be a lengthy, meticulous process. To help simplify that process and identify core client goals, B-Three implements an Agile methodology on all software projects. This approach allows our development team the flexibility to regularly evaluate the project with the client, and make small adjustments to the content as it evolves, minimizing the threat of ballooning budgets or extended timelines.



Our specialty at B-Three Solutions is fixed-fee projects. This quality sets us apart from other software consulting firms. Before initiating a project, we consult with the client to analyze the tasks to be accomplished and create a project plan. We then submit a proposal containing a list of the deliverables, a firm timeline, and a firm price. This gives our clients an opportunity to plan accordingly for a project budget and an anticipated software release date.



The B-Three team has steadily grown to include an elite lineup of over 30 employees with extensive experience in software programming, database and server maintenance, graphic design, web development, quality assurance and testing, marketing, and technical writing. These employees are able to collaborate on all B-Three projects, which allows us to complete all of our work in-house, eliminating the need to outsource and giving clients reliable, dedicated contacts throughout the life of their project.



Another quality of the B-Three software development process that elevates us above our competition is the one-year warranty we issue on all of our software projects. The warranty is provided to the customer for one year from the date of project completion and guarantees that any software bugs or functionality concerns that arise during that time frame will be resolved by B-Three developers, at no additional cost to the client.

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